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Kaohsiung MRT Is Expected To Achieve Gate Pass By Scanning Code In The Second Half Of The Year

This year, Kaohsiung MRT in Taiwan has been operating frequently on “multiple payment”. First, it has set up a gate that can scan the QR code, by which the passenger may purchase E-ticket through the mobile APP. It also provides passenger service by credit card induction with MasterCard. LINE Pay electronic payment service is expected to go online in the second half of the year. At that time, Kaohsiung MRT can seamlessly connect with it to become the first public transportation system in Taiwan that can be passed directly by scanning code.


Since Kaohsiung MRT is one of first batch of users receiving support from LINE Pay, passengers can pass the gate directly by scanning the QR code, saving time on ticket purchase and avoiding ticket loss. LINE Pay electronic payment will be directly linked to the bank card, so the public can experience the “no cash life” of scanning code for shopping by LINE Pay.

“Scanning Code” has become the trend of mobile payment. LINE Pay. “My FamiPay” and other systems all use scanning code as the payment method, and the international card organization also has developed the “EMVCo standard” to make up the payment function. At present, NFC-enabled mobile phones are not popular, and inductive mobile payment is limited. Scanning code can break the limitations of mobile phone systems and models, and will certainly become one of the mainstream means of payment in the future.

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