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How To Realize The Payment Of The QR Code Scanning Engine Self-service Terminal?

For the self-service terminal industry, the QR Code Barcode Reader is embedded in the self-service selling terminal to realize the most advanced mobile phone QR code scanning code payment, not only the expansion of multi-payment channels, but also the “no cash” payment to promote consumers. Another form of consumption in the invisible. The automatic barcode scanning payment scheme greatly improves the security and convenience in the upgrade of the payment system, and thus the way of decoding the  is more and more popular among self-service terminal manufacturers.

It is understood that the self-service selling terminal uses the barcode scanning engine as the core of the payment code collection accessory, which combines the mobile phone 2d Barcode Scanner recognition and data transmission performance, and is connected with the mobile payment interface, thereby expanding the function of paying the mobile phone payment code payment. The introduction of the mobile phone QR code scanning engine has changed the limitations of the traditional self-service vending machine cash and coin-operating methods, providing a reliable data source and basis for expanding the member's accurate marketing system and big data management analysis recommendation, and providing convenient payment for people. The experience also increases operational efficiency. The realization principle is as follows: (1) The payment scanning window of the self-service terminal is connected through the USB port, TTL232 serial port, embedded in the mobile phone QR code scanner, integrated with the two-dimensional code automatic identification technology, and expands the function of card coupon verification and scan code payment. Module;(2) Self-service terminal cash register system docking mobile payment interface, providing a variety of payment methods while improving user experience.  (3) The label of the mobile payment operation process is affixed next to the self-service terminal payment window to enhance the shopping experience.

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