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Scanning Barcode To Open The Door, Entering The Smart Community Life

With the advancement of technology, the community is also moving towards a smarter and more convenient management method to create a livable environment for residents, so that residents can enjoy the safety and comfort brought by the community.

The security of traditional access control cards is continuously reduced, and it is inconvenient to carry, easy to crack and easy to copy, and can no longer provide security for the community. Using the QR code generated on the mobile to enter the access control system has gradually become a new choice for everyone. Residents can open the door by the QR code with personal information and scanning it on the access control system.


The community installs barcode intelligent access control system, relying on mobile internet technology and barcode automatic identification technology, with the automatic identification, collection and real-time transmission, barcode scanner in the access control system can record the entry and exit of the community, ensuring the property security. Accurately querying the data of the inbound and outbound personnel, eliminates the inconvenience of handwritten registration of visitor records, fills in the blank of “visitor management”.

Reference product:High-performance Barcode Scanner, 1D 2D QR Code Scanner

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