New Step on the NEW LAND

26th Jun 2019
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India, one of The Four Great Ancient Civilizations, has gradually grown into one of the fastest growing economies in the world for its huge population base, fast-growing economy and large-scale market. Newland has seen tremendous market opportunities emerging from logistics, warehousing, mobile payments and manufacturing in India. Through years of continuous business exploration and experimentation, India has become the most important part of the strategic layout of Newland’s global business. Newland will strengthen its localized business strategy, constantly increase its investment in Indian market, develop products more relevant to local needs, and gradually establish a local sales service system to provide better products and services to the Indian market.


In the past week, the high-profile debut of Newland AIDC at the stage of IWS (India Warehousing Show) and the successful convening of the first Indian Newland Day symbolized that the horn of Newland’s new journey has already sounded, and the trip to India is sailed.


Newland’s debut at the stage of IWS



The India Warehousing Show was grandly opened in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on June 20th, 2019. Newland presented the whole product family including the new family member Speedata and became a beautiful scenery of the exhibition.


The rich product portfolio had attracted many vertical customers to stop by. The visitors had in-depth communication with us on products and logistics solutions. Everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of Newland brand and its technical strength. Many channel partners and existing clients from all over India had come to give us feedback of product and explore the business opportunities. The prosperity of the exhibition and the enthusiasm of our customers made us once again feel the thriving development potential of Indian logistics market.



The first India Partner Conference was successfully held


On the evening of June 22, 2019, the first India Partner Conference of Newland, Newland Day, was held at Le Meridien, New Delhi. More than 80 old and new friends from all over India gathered together, and the atmosphere was exceptionally warm, which greatly exceeded everyone's expectations.



With the theme of “Discover Newland”, Newland introduced to all the partners about the history of Newland, the layout of global market, the product and technical strength. Newland also shared its years successful experiences and winning stories of overseas business, and further evangelized the commitment and determination of Newland in Indian market. This demonstrated a new image of Newland, which is full of vigor, confidence and courage to explore, so that the partners can have a comprehensive and profound understanding of the strength of Newland. The extensive, all-round and creative product portfolio of Newland surprised many new partners during the event. The abundant accumulation of Newland in global development, the successful business experiences in China, and the achievements in logistics, e-commerce and mobile payment are replicable for local business development.



The conference offers a great communication platform for new and old friends in AIDC industry. The conference started from 5 pm to 9 pm, many partners remained attendance even after it was over. Everyone enjoyed the feast and talked about the ongoing projects and the future opportunities. The energetic discussions continued until the wee hours.



The first India Newland Day has been successfully concluded. Newland will join hands with local partners to create a better future. Let us look forward to the next year's Newland Day!