Secret Of Information-based Store Management Upgrade

7th Aug 2018
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Founded in 1995, Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Metersbonwe”) is a well-known casual wear brand in China. It currently has nearly 4,700 direct stores and franchise stores.

In recent years, with the rapid increase in the number of stores, there have been many troubles in store management: time-consuming inventory taking, error-prone manual entry, inconvenient order management, unavailable store data sharing...


By introducing Newland “clothing store management solution”, Metersbonwe has realized the information-based store management upgrade.


For the product barcode and background management software used by Metersbonwe, Newland Android smartphone PDA is enhanced with the scanning performance for dedicated barcodes, seamlessly integrating such functions as goods in-and-out of warehouse, inventory data management and analysis into the user’s background management system through the self-developed inventory software, and establishing an integral information management mode from warehouses to chain store, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and reduces the management cost of the store.

With quick product information collection, Newland Android smartphone PDAs realizes real-time sharing of sales data and inventory data of stores in various regions, which helps the enterprise to find out the inventory of products in shortage or unmarketable products at the store so as to timely modify the production schedule and complete the rapid allocation and distribution of goods, thereby creating a good brand competitiveness.


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