Scanning Made Real Simple

9th Mar 2022
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Newland AIDC is one of the global leading companies in the research and development of auto-identification. It owns the core algorithm capability of barcode decoding and has achieved independent development in terms of optical imaging, lighting, embedded hardware and software, process manufacturing, etc. In an ever-changing world, the rapid evolution of Technology changes our way of life, Newland AIDC values the concept of ‘people-oriented technology’. We have been committed to developing our scanning products and solutions with best price-performance and more in line with ever-changing market dynamic, continue to improve line worker’s efficiency and  make life more convenient.



The global pandemic of COVID19 , which has a far-reaching impact on our ways of living. There are significantly fewer gathering activities than before, dining out, going to bars, attending concerts, watching football games, traveling around and other group activities, while various scenes have changed from human interaction to contactless, which has been booming another wave of market demand on self-service devices, including vending machine, Self-Check Out, cashless payment, ticketing, etc.. Meanwhile, barcode, especially QR code, as an important intermedia of e-payment, e-voucher, e-ticket, and traceability or any other transactions, it also requires for different  form factors and functionalities of barcode scanners.


Supermarket’s checkout counters are a great example of the long queues that resulted from inefficient checking-out. For retailers, the impact is customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, in a post-pandemic world, the traditional way of checking-out lead to unnecessary gathering and potential risk of epidemic spread, that is also why, more and more retailers have been establishing SCO-Self Check Out counters in their stores. This evolution on retail checkout, minimize unnecessary human interaction between consumers and cashiers, consumers and consumers, and will be able to deliver a more convenient and fast checkout experiences. In order to complete this process, the actual operator will be changed from cashier to consumer themselves, it requires the scanner to be more efficient and intuitive than ever, the scanner must be working perfectly on decoding all various barcodes, reflective, high-density, low contrast, damaged ones or even the barcode on the screen. At the same time, It must be user-friendly, Newland AIDC's fixed-mount scanners are the ideal scanning solutions to address all those issues, they are purpose built for retail Self Check Out, with contemporary design and outstanding reading rate, loud beeper and visible indicator, all guarantee the best customer experience.


Newland AIDC and our embedded scanning solution is undoubtedly the ideal choice for self-service device manufacturers or Kiosk Manufacturers.With the accumulation from over 20 years R&D on auto-identifications, Newland AIDC has both capability and capacity to provide the most diverse embedded barcode scanning solutions for Self-service and Kiosk, without any constraint from the design of the devices, from standard offerings to a fully customized scanner, Newland AIDC helps manufacturers shorten the R&D cycle from innovation to production, manufacturers will get direct technical support and development tools from Newland AIDC to minimize the cost of  R & D and to ensure the best ROI.


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