Social Responsibility丨Newland Besteading Poverty-stricken Villages

12th May 2022
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As one of the industry-leading companies, Newland attaches great importance to social responsibility.

Since 2016, Newland has been adhering to the targeted poverty alleviation strategy and has contributed to besteading poverty-stricken villages. Through comprehensive research into the circumstances and in-depth exchange with locals, Newland set up the implementation of the facilities improvement and subsidization of the elderly, left-behind children, and low-income families.

Meanwhile, the photovoltaic plants invested by Newland were built up in one of the besteaded villages, Xi'an Village, which brought considerable and stable income to the village with a leap to one of the top revenue rankers in the county.

To leverage local strengths and the boom of tourists, Newland developed a ginkgo forest in the village, which turned into a snappy sight for tourism. For all the times, Newland spared no effort to give ideas to activate the commercial value, for tourists, accommodations,  agricultural product outputs, etc.

Gratifyingly, by consistent return visits and improvement, we’ve witnessed the remarkable transformation in the poverty-stricken villages during the past years, to some extent, it is an achievement worth adhering to revitalize rural areas and restructure the local economy. Newland will keep taking the social responsibility to bring its philosophy and action to more villages and families.