Newland AIDC to Introduce the Next Wave of Automation

27th May 2022
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As self-service and contactless solutions continue to expand throughout various sectors, Newland AIDC proudly leads a new era of barcode scanning.

With over 20 years of proven experience in the automatic identification industry, Newland AIDC provides a diverse range of OEM embedded barcode scanning solutions committed to helping enterprises succeed in the digital revolution.

“SCANNING MADE SIMPLE” is more than just a catchphrase — it’s a representation of our commitment to a future where the modern market welcomes organizations of any kind. That’s why, in addition to our full range of products and competitive R&D capabilities, our global networks will provide shortcuts for teams to access the market in half the time.

To prove our dedication to the industry, Newland AIDC has also become a sponsor of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). This is just one step towards achieving our vision, which is focused on developing innovative products suppliers need to stay ahead in the market.


   Newland AIDC is Investing for the Future    


Newland AIDC has vowed to contribute a growing number of opportunities to the convenience services sectors, as well as provide education for operators and professionals in areas including:

· Vending

· Self-checkout kiosk

· Hospitality service automation

· Unattended retail

· Micro-markets

Because of the improvements to operability, stability, and professional maintenance provided by Newland AIDC products, operators can enjoy more efficient and productive workflows.


   Product Highlights   

For decades, consumer-facing sectors such as supermarkets, retail stores, and more have struggled with the same challenges. Complications regarding employee staffing & training, labor costs, operation efficiency, etc., the demand for advanced, intuitive barcode technology is higher than ever. Furthermore, contactless services and payment options are on the rise, particularly following the post-pandemic era.



Owning a comprehensive OEM-embedded barcode scanning portfolio, Newland AIDC aims to support customers, not just to solve these immediate issues, but more critically, to bring transformative solutions to traditional retailers.

· Self Service Payment: With extensive compatibility, Newland AIDC’s embedded portfolio improves the customer experience in scenarios like store check-out, vending machines, micro-markets, and more by decoding barcodes and streamlining the point-of-sale process.

· Vending Machines: A vending machine embedded with Newland AIDC’s barcode scan engine allows customers to easily retrieve orders placed on their mobile phones by decoding the QR codes generated from the online purchase system. Retail, public transportation, medical, and other sectors can easily integrate these devices for a wide range of fields.

· Kiosks: Equipped with state-of-the-art scanners, self-service kiosks can allow businesses to reach consumers in a direct, simple manner that improves customer experience and streamlines every purchase and service.  

· Customized Solutions: Newland AIDC also offers barcode scanning solutions for access control to parking lots, train stations, office entrances, ticket validation, voting machines, EFTPOS, and more. Additionally, their simple installation process ensures businesses can get back to providing exceptional services with minimal interruption.


   What Is the Next Step?    

For over 20 years, Newland AIDC has been providing innovations for various complex applications and performed thousands of case studies based on our core technology.

Moving forward, we vow to carry on advancing our OEM technology to remain the top-tier provider of barcode decoding solutions for all walks of life, from retail check-out to public sectors, from mobile payment to self-services, from access control to ticket validation. We are proud to keep our promise of supplying global clients with industry-leading technologies and resources.


Scanning Made Simple!