The Reformation of Newland AIDC Bluetooth Scanner: HR3280-BT-SD with Vertical Cradle

7th Jul 2022
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The Improved HR3280-BT-SD Handheld Barcode Scanner Now Includes a Vertical Cradle Redesign and Enhanced Features






Newland AIDC is thrilled to announce an update to its Bluetooth handheld scanner with the HR3280-BT-SD and its vertical cradle. To empower the modern workforce, this 2D Bluetooth scanner sticks to its impressive features:



A Bluetooth 5.0 Data Transmission   

Adopting the latest Bluetooth technology, HR3280-BT-SD is strong anti-interference with stable connectivity.


Refreshed and Sturdy Vertical Cradle   

Prioritizing a high-quality user experience, the revamped HR3280-BT-SD provides a distinctive and elegant cradle design vertically. Both handheld and handsfree are applicable to support its smartness for any imaginable possibilities.


Outstanding Performance   

The HR3280-BT-SD is a barcode scanning powerhouse. Its megapixel camera allows breeze decoding challenging barcodes to confront, either tiny or high-density ones, with impressive speed.


Low Power Consumption   

With low consumption and a long-lasting battery of 2200mAh, HR3280-BT-SD reduces connection issues and maximizes compatibility for diverse applications.


Humanized Illumination Designation   

The HR3280-BT-SD can be set in white and red led to adapt to application scenarios according to different workplaces. Not only relieves visual fatigue but also improves working efficiency.


  Recommended verticals   

Retail, Warehouse, Mobile Payment, Transportation, Manufacturing, Public Sector


For more information about HR3280-BT-SD, please feel free to contact info@newlandaidc.