Newland AIDC Presents Large-Screen Rugged Mobile Terminal — MT67
30th Nov 2022
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Newland AIDC prides itself on enhancing and improving the mobile digital technology that keeps warehouses and retailers at the forefront of their industries. Its new MT67 model offers a large screen and keyboard in a well-balanced design that makes the device one of the most highly operable and user-friendly mobile terminals on the market.



  A Sturdy Mobile Terminal for Warehouses and Retail Settings  

Though reinforced with a rugged, durable build, the MT67 is designed with aesthetics in mind. It sports smooth lines and a sensible ergonomic shape. This strategic, slim-body design includes a physical keyboard with remapping abilities and a generous four-inch capacitive touchscreen with corning gorilla glass. Even with these robust physical features, the device weighs in at an impressively light 250 grams.


It runs on 4800mAh battery power, 4G of RAM, and 64G of ROM. Its Android 11 operating system allows enterprises to quickly adopt a range of customized applications while enjoying advanced power management technology and safer data administration.



  Offering New State-of-the-Art Features  


Newland AIDC recognized that, while running their business, store owners and retail managers desire a mobile terminal with greater power, higher speed, and lighter weight. Improving on the devices earlier iteration, MT65, the MT67 is 80 grams lighter with an evolved octa-core processor that handles data with far more dexterity and smoothness.


MT67s physical keypad features convenient backlighting and reduces the unintended typing that commonly occurs with touchscreen devices. This is a particularly valuable asset for users repeatedly inputting numbers especially in low-light conditions. The device also comes with a hardwearing, protective, and water-resistant body design created to endure challenging industrial environments and help facilitate heavy work tasks. Theres no need to worry about dropping, tossing, or handing off the scanner during the course of a work shift.




  Conversant With Any Barcode  


MT67s unparalleled scanning capability allows for real-time, lightning-fast barcode reading and data transmission. It maintains stable wireless connectivity through either Wi-Fi or anti-interference Bluetooth.


Crucially, the MT67 is adept at reading all kinds of barcodes printed on various surfaces. Its sixth-generation technology with a megapixel scan engine will register both 1D and 2D barcodes/QR codes. The device even detects barcodes that may be glossy, faded, or placed on oddly shaped packaging. This is a significant advantage for retail environments that frequently encounter barcodes on reflective, wrinkled, or weathered surfaces.


Additionally, the harsh industrial environments of so many warehouses make it impossible for shipping and product labels to remain in perfect condition. This is why the warehouse and logistics industry commonly encounter stained or damaged barcodes. To mitigate this reality, MT67 is programmed to discern nearly any barcode that comes its way. It also reads onscreen barcodes for mobile payment, e-coupons, e-vouchers, e-membership cards, and more.




  A Spectrum of Companion Accessories  


Any company with substantial amounts of products requires efficient barcode scanning technology to keep the enterprise operating at its peak. MT67 allows stores, stock rooms, and warehouses to sort, sell, ship, and organize their inventory with a high-caliber mobile device that displays scanned data in real-time and brings their business to a new level of functionality and performance.


To make it one of the most all-purpose tools in a business owner’s arsenal, MT67 comes with a range of accessories. The pistol grip trigger helps users accurately target barcodes and reduces hand fatigue. It is even available with a proficiently designed buckle and fastener. MT67’s four-slot battery charging cradle ensures operators always have a set of backup batteries on hand. The single-device cradle can be used for charging one device with one spare battery or assembled as a set of up to four cradles. The cradles’ data transmission capabilities allow them to communicate fully with any of the terminals.



  Engineered for Business Optimization  



With its top-tier power and rugged yet sleek design, MT67 is built for instantaneous communication that keeps data synchronized and updated at all times. The mobile terminal serves as a significant asset to businesses by streamlining their daily processes and equipping them with the ability to conserve time, cut costs, and scale their operation.


MT67 users receive access to Ndevor, Newland’s complementary device management software that directs the lifecycle of any Newland device and oversees the device’s complete maintenance and security needs. MT67 also comes with Newland’s signature and complimentary Easy Inventory Management System (EIMS) along with Ivanti Velocity, a pre-installed software for running apps.


View the MT67 product page to learn more about this slim, sturdy mobile terminal from Newland AIDC. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact