Newland AIDC & PT Noah Arkindo Hold Joint Partner Gathering with Top 15 Performances

16th Feb 2023
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On 14 Jan 2022, Newland AIDC announced a partnership with PT Noah Arkindo to enter the AIDC market in Indonesia. For 1 year, Newland AIDC and PT Noah Arkindo have actively penetrated the Indonesian market by conducting roadshows in 5 major cities in Indonesia, namely Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Makassar. In addition, Newland AIDC also launched programs to support market penetration, namely the Discovery Program.



Newland AIDC is an AIDC company founded in 1999 as part of Newland Digital Technology Co. Ltd. Newland AIDC has more than 20 years of research experience in the field of 2D barcode reading technology and has 200 patents related to barcode technology and products so that it is ranked third for OEM scan engines and fourth for handheld scanners in the world (source: VDC 2020). Newland AIDC also has a sales and after-sales network in America, Europe and Asia.




After 1 year of entering the Indonesian market, Newland AIDC and PT Noah Arkindo held a partner gathering for partners who have supported and helped connect market needs for Newland AIDC products. This partner gathering is attended by 15 partners with good sales performance in 2022. At this event there will be product training, business-related updates, warranty-related information and sharing sessions with partners regarding case studies in Indonesia which will be delivered directly by the Newland AIDC regional team and the PT Noah Arkindo team. The culmination of this partner gathering is giving appreciation to 15 partners with good sales performance in 2022.


According to Wang Min, Senior VP of Newland AIDC, “Indonesia is one of the most rapidly growing regions and it is our strategic incremental markets in Newland AIDC. Newland AIDC is ready to leverage all resources to the market and help our customers win the opportunity to boost their own business.”



According to Newland AIDC Country Manager for Indonesia, Heru Sukiyanto, "We thank all distributors, partners, resellers for their cooperation and hard work in 2022 to achieve common goals and thank all customers for their trust in using our solutions and products. We hope that the cooperation that has been well established so far can continue in the following years, and we can provide the best after-sales service support for our customers and provide effective solutions for those who need solutions from us."


PT Noah Arkindo itself is a pioneer in the field of AIDC which was founded by 2 entrepreneurs located in Jakarta in 2000. PT Noah Arkindo has a vision and mission to become a leading AIDC company and educate end users & resellers to get the right information regarding AIDC. With the aim of providing AIDC products and services in Indonesia, PT Noah Arkindo has experience and a solid team in providing products, solutions and after sales.


According to Dedei Hoan, Chief Strategic Officer of PT Noah Arkindo, "Newland AIDC is the largest barcode reader company in China, which is arguably the largest country in the world using 2D barcode technology. One application that is often used is payment via QR code which is also widely used in Indonesia. With Newland AIDC's 29 years of experience and having 200 patents in the field of barcode readers, we believe Newland's products should be able to meet the needs of Indonesia, which continues to develop the use of 2D barcodes in various applications."


According to King Hartono Hamidjaja, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of PT Noah Arkindo, "Today's event is a form of our appreciation to all partners who have trusted Newland products. We have together gone through 2022 which was also a year full of challenges and the partners have worked well in the midst of a difficult pandemic situation for all of us and we want to appreciate their hard work. This activity is also one of our ways to strengthen friendship and further strengthen relations between Newland, Noah and partners throughout Indonesia. 2022 is also a year full of dynamic transformation and innovation within our company and we use this momentum to look forward to an even better 2023."