Newland AIDC Launches NLS-LP410 Desktop Label Printer for Comprehensive Enterprise Automation

8th May 2023
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Unlock the power of easy label printing with the high-value performance desktop label printer - the right device for your business!



Newland AIDC, a leading company in the automatic identification and data capture industry, announces the launch of its first label printer, the NLS-LP410. The new thermal transfer label printer is the latest addition to the company's superior comprehensive product line, which includes barcode scanners, mobile terminals, interactive kiosks, and OEM scan engines.


With over 20 years of R&D in data capturing and enterprise mobility, Newland AIDC has become a trusted brand for businesses worldwide.


The launch of the NLS-LP410 marks a new era for Newland AIDC, as it now has the enhanced capability further to strengthen its product categories in a more comprehensive way and close the loop of enterprise automation.


After years of in-depth research in the technology and understanding of industrial users' needs for label printers, the NLS-LP410 integrates the market's most reliable and stable label printing technology and design. The compact design of 4 inches makes it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses.



The NLS-LP410 is a powerful label printer that can achieve 150mm/s (6 IPS) label printing speed, making it perfect for improving label printing efficiency, especially for shipment bill printing in logistics and warehouses. With its all-in-one communication interfaces (RS-232+USB+LAN), NLS-LP410 provides more flexible connections and reduces the cost of inventory management.



The NLS-LP410 desktop label printer is equipped with a highly reliable print head, which uses thick-film print head technology to significantly improve the print head's lifetime while providing precise and fast label printing. This ensures your business can print high-quality labels consistently and with minimal downtime. It supports 300 meters length ribbon, which will print more labels and reduce the frequency of replacing ribbons.


The NLS-LP410 desktop label printer is also highly versatile, able to print on various media types, including continuous, die cut, fanfold, black mark, and punch hole labels. And also, it can print on Cable labels, PET/PVC labels, washable and garment tags. This makes it ideal for a wide range of industries, such as logistics, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. 



In addition, the NLS-LP410 comes with FREE Bartender label software and Seagull driver, providing a convenient and economical solution for label editing & printing.


"We are excited to introduce the NLS-LP410 to the market," said Sr. Business Development Manager Mr. Andy Mou. " This product launch marks another significant milestone for us. We believe the NLS-LP410 desktop label printer will provide businesses with a reliable and cost-effective solution for their label printing needs."


The NLS-LP410 desktop label printer is now available. For more information about the desktop label printer NLS-LP410 or other Newland AIDC products, don't hesitate to contact Newland AIDC at or visit