Harnessing Real-Time Information and Auto Identification Technologies for Manufacturing Efficiency

21st Jun 2023
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Real-time information is crucial in manufacturing, providing immediate visibility for agile decision-making and responsiveness. It optimizes the manufacturing process including Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking, production inspection, inventory management, and supply chain coordination. Auto identification technologies like barcode scanning enable seamless data capture, eliminate manual entry, reduce errors, and ensure reliable tracking, traceability, quality control, and regulatory compliance in manufacturing.


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Challenges like barcode quality, compatibility, scalability, integration complexity, harsh environments, and data accuracy must be addressed to maximize the potential of barcode scanning. Reliable barcode scanning solutions and centralized asset management systems are crucial for manufacturers with expansive operations. Addressing these challenges optimizes data capture, streamlines processes, and achieves unparalleled efficiency in manufacturing.



Newland AIDC has established a comprehensive value chain in auto-identification technologies, offering a wide range of products from OEM scan engines to finished devices. Our portfolio includes barcode scanners, mobile terminals, interactive kiosks, and system applications designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency across the manufacturing industry.


Our industrial portfolios cater to diverse barcode scanning needs, spanning from entry-level to professional-level options. We prioritize reliable performance and cost-effectiveness across stationary setups and high-speed, high-resolution scenarios. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, our products deliver precise barcode positioning and decoding in complex environments. They can also be enhanced with OCR capabilities for increased versatility and quick iteration. With a specific focus on electronic components, auto parts and metal processing, we continuously improve DPM code recognition, ensuring accurate scanning in challenging conditions.


To further empower enterprises, we offer advanced software kits, including Nset, EasySet, EasyConnect, and our exclusive Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, Ndevor. These software solutions facilitate real-time, accurate data transmission and visualization, enabling businesses to maximize their operational capabilities.


Newland offers exclusive software for its industrial portfolio, which streamlines configuration with one-button self-learning image settings. Real-time image feedback enhances convenience, while the intelligent Barcode Tool simplifies configuration and product selection. Additionally, batch operations enable efficient firmware updates and configuration comparisons across devices. Experience a simplified and efficient barcode reader setup with our software.


Genius industrial barcode algorithm

Newland's Genius image technology comprises photoelectric image acquisition, intelligent image recognition and decoding, high-performance embedded computing, and application development interface technologies. With this comprehensive technology stack, Newland drives advancements in barcode decoding, covering various types such as paper, etched, engraved, and printed barcodes. Additionally, the technology facilitates the development of innovative applications.



  Work-in-Process (WIP) Tracking  

Barcode scanning technology aids in Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking by capturing accurate data throughout the manufacturing process, enabling real-time monitoring and control of products or components at different stages.


Component Tracking

Newland AIDC's manufacturing barcode scanning solutions empower manufacturers to efficiently track and trace parts or components throughout the production cycle, guaranteeing quality and compliance. Through the scanning of component barcodes, manufacturers can effectively manage inventory, monitor component usage, and ensure appropriate utilization at every stage. With Newland AIDC's barcode solutions, manufacturers gain complete visibility into the component's origin, ensuring that the final products meet required specifications.



Production Inspection

Barcode scanning technology provides real-time visibility into the production inspection process by capturing data at different stages. It enables manufacturers to make timely interventions and corrective actions. By facilitating seamless integration with quality management systems for automated data recording and analysis, it ensures accurate identification, verification, and tracking of products. This helps manufacturers maintain quality standards, identify defects, and make timely interventions.



MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

By integrating barcode scanning into manufacturing execution systems (MES), manufacturers gain real-time visibility into the production line, ensuring accurate data capture at each stage of the manufacturing process. Barcode scanning enables efficient tracking and monitoring of work-in-process (WIP) and enhances MES functionalities, including production scheduling, material tracking, labor tracking, and performance analysis. Barcode scanning technology empowers manufacturers to streamline operations, improve productivity, maintain data accuracy, and make informed decisions to achieve operational excellence.



  Asset Maintenance and Supply Chain Coordination  

Product Tracking

With real-time visibility into asset maintenance levels, location, and status, barcode scanning solutions enable manufacturers to streamline order fulfillment, optimize stock control, and ensure timely delivery. Barcode-based product tracking improves inventory accuracy, reduces errors, and enhances supply chain coordination, leading to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Inventory Management

Newland AIDC Barcode scanning technology revolutionizes inventory management by enabling accurate and real-time tracking of inventory levels, automating counts, and facilitating timely replenishment. It minimizes errors, optimizes stock control, and improves accuracy, reducing costs and ensuring efficient production. Integrated with inventory management systems, barcode scanning provides real-time updates, automatic reordering, and accurate reconciliation. With widespread adoption in manufacturing management systems, it enhances the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of inventory data across multiple locations, departments, or even cities.



Warehouse & Distribution Management

Barcode scanning streamlines picking, packing, and shipping processes, reduces errors, and enhances inventory visibility. It helps maintain accurate inventory records, improves order fulfillment, optimizes warehouse operations, and enables efficient order processing, shipping verification, and tracking of goods during transit. Newland AIDC’s barcode scanning solution enhances supply chain visibility, reduces errors in shipping and receiving, and ensures timely and accurate product delivery, improving overall customer satisfaction.