FR4080 How to generate a batch barcode to output first 4 digit
Announcer: Ivan Time: 27th Jul 2021
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How to generate a batch barcode:

Listed below are batch programming rules:
1. Command format: Command + Parameter Value.
2. Each command is terminated by a semicolon (;). Note that there is no space between a command and its terminator semicolon.
3. Use the barcode generator software to generate a 2D batch barcode.


For this example: output first 4 digit

“disable check digit verification”, “enable data formatting” “F2 data formatting to interleaved 2 of 5”,

Command: @I25CHK0;DFMENA3;DFMADD069990089999F20400;

Use a barcode generator software to generate a 2D batch barcode.











Way Two:


   1.Open Easyset   

   2.Enter the device

   3.Set the configuration that you need

For this case:


First step:“disable check digit verification interleaved 2 of 5”

Set the device interleaved 2 of 5 “transmit check digit : disable”

(In order to generate the Settings, if the Settings are already there, you can first change them to other Settings, save them, and then re-select the Settings you want. The Settings code for this will be generated)



Second step: output first 4 digit:  use Data Formatting





PS: for more command, you can refer to the user guide. 




When all configuration is done, choose “bar code type”, and then click “Generate Bar Code”.




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