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Announcer: Ivan Time: 27th Jul 2021
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EAN128   Output Demand:08435420422477



1、Scan the “enter setup”barcode


2、Scan the “Add Data Format”barcode


3、Scan the”Format_0”barcode


4、Scan the”6”barcode



5、Scan the “9” barcode for 3 times.

6. Scan the “0” barcode

7. Scan the “0” barcode

8.Scan the “3” barcode

9、Scan the “9” barcode for 4 times.


10、Scan the “F” barcode

11、Scan the “5”barcode


12、Scan the “0”barcode





13、Scan the “2”barcode

14Scan the “F” barcode

15、Scan the “2”barcode


16、Scan the “1” barcode




17、Scan the “4” barcode


18、Scan the “0” barcode


19、Scan the “0” barcode


20、Scan the “save” barcode


21、Scan the “Enable Data Formatter,Not Required,Keep Prefix/Suffix” barcode





Way two:

 send command to HR15 via serial com or USB CDC communication interface

Send: (069990039999F502F21400))));$$$$#99904504;%%%%

Response: S@@@@!99904504;^^^^


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