NQuire351- why my NQuire350 can’t be visited by web-based tool
Announcer: Ivan Time: 29th Jul 2021
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i. Make sure your PC is in the same IP range as the NQuire, e.g.

ii. Type “ping” in your Command Prompt (MS Windows: cmd.exe) and then press Enter.(if your device is not default ip address:,ping the device IP address)

iii. If the problem still persists, check the firmware version ,if it is lower than NQuire350-X_V1.01.006,it need to upgrade to NQuire350-X_V1.01.006 or higher version to fix .

Upgrade firmware ,You can refer to the User guide Chapter7 System Update.

When it successfully upgrade, and the device reboot, you may find the reboot isn’t successful. Stopped in the below picture:

You need power off the device and then after about 10 seconds to power on . Then it will successfully start.(take about 30 seconds)
You can check the firmware version on the system update:

How to upgrade NQuire350 via local update/TF card from old version To V1.01.006 or higher version SOP download link:


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