How to upgrade FM430 firmware by easyset
Announcer: Stephen Time: 30th Jul 2021
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1, connect FM430 with PC via USB cable(042UA), scan setup barcode and click “refresh” to detect FM430 on easyset

2, click “update firmware” and choose proper firmware from PC, then “update”


3, done


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  • Guest 2
    where can i download the firmware? Thanks FM430's Product Name: NLS-FM430-SR-U Firmware Version: 1.01.028 Decoder Version: 4.07.100.B87 Hardware Version: V1.2 Serial Number: FG9F17291NOM OEM Serial Number: Manufacturing Date: 2019-06-21 country : Thailand
    1st Feb 2024
  • Guest 1
    where can i download the firmware? Thanks
    8th Dec 2022
    • William:
      please contact with your FM430's serial number and the info of your region/country. we'll have our support team to contact you directly, thanks!
      8th Dec 2022