Digit Barcodes and Save Cancel Barcodes
Announcer: Danica Time: 31st Jul 2021
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Digit Barcodes

Save/Cancel Barcodes

Afterreadingnumericbarcode(s),youneedtoscantheSavebarcodetosavethedata.Ifyouscanthewrongdigit(s),you can either scan theCancelbarcode and then start the configuration all over again, or scan theDelete the Last Digitbarcode and then the correct digit, or scan theDelete All Digitsbarcode and then the digits youwant.

For instance, after reading theMaximum Lengthbarcode and numeric barcodes “1”, “2” and “3”, you scan:

²Delete the Last Digit:The last digit “3” will beremoved.

²Delete All Digits:All digits “123” will beremoved.

²Cancel:The maximum length configuration will be cancelled. And the scanner is still in the setupmode.

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