How to generate one DM config barcode
Announcer: Ivan Time: 12th May 2022
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How to generate one DM config barcode

1.      Use Easyset to generate all in one barcode

Choose the config you need,and then choose barcode Type :DM

Then click Generate Bar Code

, 文本, 应用程序, 电子邮件


2.      It will generate all in One barcode DM.

Or  you can enter your needed command list in the below box and then click create 2D Bar code



3.      Then you can use your scanner to read this DM barcode.

Note: Please note that this All in One Bar Code DM barcode is with specific prefix format. Not the same with the original DM barcode format used in batch config way.

If you want to generate this All in one Barcode DataMatrix config barcode. when you use Barcode tool, need to config Prefix:  Reader Initialization

, 应用程序



All in One BarCode support  Product List:

Item number Support or Not Firmware version
HR2081/HR2280 Yes HR2081_E_V1.01.024.EN
HR2081-BT/HR2280-BT Yes HR22-BT_V1.01.011.EN
HR3280 Yes HR32 PLUS V5_V1.01.055
HR3280-BT-C/HR3280-BT-SD Yes HR32-BT_V1.02.005
HR4280 Yes NVH200_V2.01.003
HR4280-BT Yes NVH200B_V2.01.002
HR5280/HR5280RT Yes HR52-SR_V1.01.055
HR5280-BT/HR5280RT-BT Yes HR52-BT_V1.02.010
FR2780 Yes FR27_V1.01.012.EN
FR4080 Yes FR40V3_V1.01.050.EN
FR5080 Yes Goblet_V1.01.044
WD2-BS50 Yes BS50_V1.02.027
WD3-BS30 No  
NVH300-D0 Yes NVH300-DP_V1.01.001
FM3051/FM3056 No  
FM3080 No  
FM3080V2 No  
FM415 Yes FM415_V1.00.004
FM430 Yes FM430.IJ107.ST.H46.2
FM8080 No  
FR8080 No  
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