MT37 How to use Wifi Output Function
Announcer: Dorrit Time: 24th Feb 2022
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MT37 Wireless Scan Configuration Guide


MT37 supports the wireless scanning function, and the scanned barcode data is transmitted to the computer through the wireless connection between the MT37 and the computer, and displayed at the cursor input position on the computer.

1 Operating environment

Computer OS:

1)WINXP(32 bit;64 bit)

2)WIN7(32 bit;64 bit)

3)WIN8(32 bit;64 bit)

4)WIN10(32 bit;64 bit)

2 Preparing

Make sure the PC is connected to the router

① If the PC is connected to the router through a network cable directly, the network icon in the lower right corner of the PC is marked with a red circle in the following figure.

② If the computer is connected to the router by filling in the router name and password(through WIFI), the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer is marked with the red circle in the following figure .

Open the configuration tool

Open and double click the application of MT37 Wireless scan configuration tool

Click here to get the configuration tool:

Operation configuration Tool

  1. Find the Scan the corresponding QR code to switch the output mode





2)Enable the KBW output function in Quick Settings - KBW Output – Output Settings -WiFi output settings – Enable WIFI Output

3) Click Start to work

4) The configuration tool automatically searches for the IP address and wifi, and you need to manually enter the wifi password。

5)Click Generate configuration code

6)Scan the setting code to fill in the contents of “IP”, “Wifi SSID”, “Wifi Password”

7) After the computer and MT37 establish a connection, can wireless receive from MT37 barcode data transmitted, and the data output to the character input cursor bit, and the cursor is in the bit file format. However, it is affected by the input method type.


Therefore, you are advised to switch the input method to English when scanning bar codes containing letters and special characters.

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