SDK (Software Development Kit)
Announcer: Kason Time: 30th Apr 2023
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  • Guest 4
    Why there is no clue on how to program GPIOs in Android in this website. Is not there any one in in Newland to explain this step by step.
    14th May 2024
    • William:
      thank you for the enquiry, our local support team will contact you soon with more details.
      15th May 2024
  • Guest 3
    Where can I find the Nquire_interface_api.jar so I can control the GPIO output from flutter?
    12th Feb 2024
  • Guest 2
    need help for fm3080 scanner to connect with javascript
    3rd Nov 2023
  • Guest 3
    Will this support handheld scanners?
    14th Jul 2023
    • William:
      yes, actually it supports all scanners working with Newland UCS (Unified Commands Set)
      16th Jul 2023