Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Real-time information is crucial in manufacturing, providing immediate visibility for agile decision-making and responsiveness. It optimizes the manufacturing process including Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking, production inspection, inventory management, and supply chain coordination. 


The seamless Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) flow and synchronization of data across different stages of manufacturing is essential for operational efficiency. Capturing and analyzing real-time data from various sources, including machines, sensors, and operators, is another challenge. Timely decision-making and process optimization heavily rely on this data. Standardizing processes across different production lines and locations can be complex and time-consuming. Ensuring data security and protecting sensitive manufacturing information adds to the list of critical challenges.


Newland AIDC’s barcode scanning solutions have revolutionized manufacturing operations and addressed these challenges head-on. Challenges like barcode quality, compatibility, scalability, integration complexity, harsh environments, and data accuracy can be sufficiently managed by Newland AIDC’ technology to maximize the potential of barcode scanning. Newland AIDC’s barcode scanning solutions seamlessly integrate with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and other production management software and empower businesses to quickly identify and track products, components, and materials.

Newland AIDC’s barcode scanning solutions provide a holistic approach to manufacturing control and visibility and drive the productivity to new heights.


Why Newland AIDC


  • High-performance scanning capabilities for fast and precise data capture.
  • Diverse product range to meet industry-specific requirements.
  • Robust and durable hardware design for reliable performance.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and software.
  • Consistent scanning performance for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Comprehensive technical support and maintenance services for uninterrupted operations.