Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions

To reduce potential workouts, cut out long lines, keep customers and cashiers safe by offering contactless shopping experiences and boost efficiency, the self-scanning or scan-to-go solutions have been implemented in so many grocery stores and chain retailers.

With an integrated and integrative checkout counter, customers will be able to scan their own shopping items, bags them and pays without a cashier, it delivers true customer convenience.

With extraordinary self-scanning solutions by Newland AIDC, manufacturers will enjoy enterprise-level of support from R&D to Go-To-Market. Implementation of self-checkout will consistently reduce the labor costs for the retailers, and help to lift the customer experiences by providing a tool for cashiers to serve multiple customers simultaneously.

Newland AIDC offers series of products that can be easily integrated or mounted with the self-checkout counter/kiosk. Equipped with Newland AIDC’s unique image technology, customers will enjoy the top performed self-scanning when checkout, from 1D to 2D, paper label or barcode on the screen.

Why Newland AIDC

1.   Easy integration and maintenance.

2.   Cost efficiency and outstanding scanning performance.