Newland AIDC Introduces the Elegant, Lightweight Mobile Terminal — MT37
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Specializing in cutting-edge barcode decoding tech innovations to streamline workplace activity and business operations, Newland AIDC has developed its latest mobile terminal — MT37, a peerless and delicate enterprise device without sacrificing functionality, to sweep the market.



  The Most Handy and Elegant Mobile Terminal  


Public-facing stores and businesses dedicate significant energy and funds to establishing a clean and attractive aesthetic. They are continually looking for ways to optimize their ROI with an improved operational flow. Efficiency is essential; however, enterprises still prefer to avoid bulky, dated-looking equipment that hinders the point of sales and in-store or warehouse inventory management.




Newland AIDC’s New Generation Mobile Terminal MT37, with the Android GO system, provides a top-tier customized experience. Its all-in-one capability for cashiering and inventory application makes it an ideal resource for retailers. Because the system includes complimentary inventory management applications, EIMS (Easy Inventory Manage System), the device comes enabled with fast access to all the digital retail functions that allow an enterprise to thrive.


The MT37 comes with a 2.8-inch screen. It fully supports a Wi-Fi connection and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. MT37 is exceptionally compact and ergonomically designed with a total weight of 155g, a great surprise considering its 3300mAh battery power. The mobile terminal is lightweight, and its small dimensions and rapid charging ability make it a portable, ready-to-go tool that can be operated with one hand. At the same time, it is made to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, even if it falls to the ground.   



Alongside its comprehensive features and functions, the pocket-sized MT37 is remarkably intuitive. Newland AIDC understood the importance of an easy-to-use terminal for staff and operators — especially for enterprises with large teams — and Newland deliberately created a product that is straightforward to understand, operate and adapt.


  A Product Designed for Optimized Mobility 



With MT37, a shopkeeper or warehouse staff member can complete a complex or varied set of inventory tasks without interruption. Instead of running back and forth between the floor or shelf and a back office or countertop terminal, they are able to perform specific operations on the spot.


This is where a fully-equipped mobile terminal shines. Beyond working strictly as a barcode scanning device, the MT37 allows users to review data in real time, make mobile payments, edit data as needed, and maintain stable wireless connectivity via anti-interference Bluetooth. MT37 provides the best and fastest methods for completing any retail to-do list.  


  Engineered to Read Virtually Any Barcode  



Ask anyone who works directly with product inventory and barcode scanning to tell you their chief complaint — and you’ll likely hear the same answer: their scanners’ inability to read a particular barcode. In a world with QR codes coupled with traditional barcodes — printed on surfaces with a range of shapes and textures or displayed on screens — the issue can arise on a daily basis and dramatically slow business operations.


Newland AIDC set out to eliminate this occurrence as much as possible by deploying sixth-generation technology with a megapixel scan engine that recognizes both 1D and 2D barcodes on paper and screen. Even faded, uneven, curved, or poorly printed barcodes consistently register on the scanner.


  Helping Businesses Grow and Transform 

Newland AIDC is eager to bring MT37 to a range of enterprises to provide accurate, real-time data and automation capabilities that help businesses simplify their daily processes in ways that allow them to conserve time and cost and ultimately scale their operation.


Additionally, MT37 series users receive access to Ndevor, Newland’s complementary device management software that directs the lifecycle of the devices— from onboarding to migration to full maintenance and security.


A specialized version, MT37H, with an infrared temperature module, is geared toward places that require contactless measurement. Like MT37, MT37H is equipped with an easy-disinfect shell, ideal for environments frequently cleaned with disinfectant.



View the MT37 product page to learn more about this elegant mobile terminal of Newland AIDC. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact