Helps customer to be compliant with UDI regulations

27th May 2021
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Today, safety and efficiency have become stricter requirements for healthcare industry. Increasing number of countries have clear regulation requiring Unique Device Identification (UDI) on medical devices tofacilitate life-cycle management and traceability.


26th May 2021, the MDR (Medical Device Regulation), which includes the regulations for UDI officially ushered its implementation in Europe.


August 2019, The Rules for Unique Identification System for Medical Devices was announced by China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).


September 2013, The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a UDI rule which establishes a UDI system applying to all medical devices placed on the US market.


Newland AIDC proactively working with our solution partners to help our customers to be compliant with regional regulations and policies by providing DPM scanning solutions with high performance and unparalleled cost efficiency.



--Advanced illumination system with 3 optional illumination to decode a DPM barcode on difference surfaces or work on different marking method (Laser etch, dot-pin, chemical etch, ink-jet).

Unparalleled price-performance.

All premier features like IP64 and 1.8mdrop spec

NSet, utility software developed for NVHseries that facilitates user’s device management and configuration.



A smart and compact desktop scanner specially designed for medical use. It breezily reads small and problematic DPM codes. The shockproof case is dust-tight protected and splash-water resistant which is perfect for medical environment.



With its megapixel camera, the handheld scanner achieves an entirely new level of performance that capable of scanning virtually all barcodes printed on varieties of surfaces including direct part marks(DPMs).




In the coming years, UDI will be definitelya global phenomenon that it is a truly effective means to prompt instant andefficient track & trace of unique devices. As technology advances and global human civilization progresses, we look forward to seeing a world full of safe and order.


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