Grandly Success of Newland AIDC 2021 APAC Annual Meeting!

20th Jan 2022
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Last week, the 2021 APAC Annual meeting of Newland AIDC was grandly held at Sheraton Hotel, Fuzhou. The Newland teams in India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan, had attended the meeting virtually due to the situation of the coronavirus pandemic.



With the inspiring opening given by Mrs. Min Wang, the Senior VP & Global Sales and Operations, the Newland AIDC 2021 APAC Annual Meeting officially kicked off.


Followed was the sharing of great achievements of APAC 2021 and the well-planned actions in 2022 by the team leaders of each region. The video of highlights for APAC 2021 brought the meeting to a climax. Everyone felt the excitement and thrill in the air that the efforts and toughness in the past year were worth and the coming future is full of hope: we saw how our regional team found inroads into the market of retail, e-commerce, and logistics industries step by step. we witnessed how we defeated our competitors and won the trust of our key customers in the regions with our plentiful product ecosystems and service networks. We experienced how the team endeavored to help our channel customers achieve their prosperity with our Informative and interactive channel programs.


As the jumping numbers pumped up, everyone, as if seeing the milestones of Newland AIDC passing in front, one after another. The pride was getting even stronger after Mrs. Min Wang’s go-to-market strategies and the inspiring speech by Mr. Dong Guo, Chief Executive Officer.


By the end of the first-day meeting, Mrs. Min Wang and Mr. Dong Guo, awarded the 2021 APAC Awards to the outstanding contributors of the regions! Everyone congratulated the venerable fellows, sincerely!

The channel and marketing strategies were illustrated the next day by Joanna Guo, the Global Marketing Director of Newland AIDC, which gave the regional teams much more confidence in how solid backing they would have from headquarters. As the case studies and product updates were shared by the product team, all the team members had got a much more comprehensive understanding of the product ecosystems and applications from multiple perspectives.



The breakthroughs of Newland AIDC’s global markets are inseparable from all the Newlanders. This two-day meeting was a perfect ending to 2021, which gave every Newlander great confidence and motivation for an even more combative 2022. Newland AIDC appreciates all the contributions made and efforts paid by every Newlander, partner, customer, and friend who keeps supporting us.

Work it Harder, Make it Better, Do it Faster, and Make us Stronger!

Together, let’s start the journey of Newland AIDC in 2022!