The 2021 Annual Meeting of Newland AIDC

29th Jan 2022
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On Jan. 26th, 2022, with the theme of "Adhere to Technical Innovation with Initial Passion, Embrace Grander Challenges for New Legend", the annual meeting of Newland AIDC in 2021 was held in Fuzhou. The Leaders of Newland Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Newland Group) and all colleagues of Newland AIDC gathered together to look back on the remarkable 2021, commended and rewarded the outstanding individuals and look forward to brand-new 2022.


 Shining 2021 

Award to one of the best teams in the year of 2021


The prize winner of General Manager Special Award made award speech and prospect on the coming 2022 through the video


The prize winner of General Manager Special Award made award speech


In 2021, the performance of all Newland AIDC members was still excellent despite the challenging global COVID-19 environment and unstable international market.

In the domestic and international markets, we made outstanding achievements. We worked closely with many partner companies, contributing to new shining performance, accompanied by ten consecutive years of growth.

Always overcoming obstacles without hesitation, we made many vital technological breakthroughs in product operations. Our products and solutions have been applied to many fields, helping thousands of customers.

Based on strengthening our capabilities, we insisted on cultivating "internal strength" with vigor and energy, stimulating organizational vitality through changes, and continuously improving our competitiveness and service capabilities.

The impressive achievements of the past year have shown hard work of all colleagues in Newland AIDC. Therefore, the Company commended the outstanding individuals and teams in 2021.



 Sailing 2022 

In the annual meeting of 2022, the company's business units and Newland EMEA were conducting the mobilization meeting through video and live speech separately. We expect that in 2022 our products and markets will be more closely connected, which will bring more value to our customers. Confronted with the fierce market competition, we can walk together to remove all obstacles with our unstoppable and invincible performance.


The business units of Newland AIDC made the prospect on the coming 2022


Peter Sliedrecht, CEO of Newland EMEA, made the prospect on the coming 2022 through the video


Guo Dong, CEO of Newland AIDC


Guo Dong, CEO of Newland AIDC, made a memorable new-year speech. He pointed out that the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry have been accelerated under the difficult economic situation. The government has introduced a series of enterprise support policies focusing on “Specialization, Refinement, Differentiation, and Innovation”. Newland AIDC ushered in new essential opportunities and many development possibilities while facing challenges.


Mr. Guo said that we would have new opportunities for new tracks of the company's development in 2022. We need to devote ourselves to building and improving the enterprise capabilities, including increasing investment in technology research and development, improving the efficiency of product operation, cultivating business talents, and strengthening the construction of digital processes and management.


Wang Jing, CEO of Newland Group, Chairman of the Board & General Manager of Newland Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Board of Newland AIDC


Wang Jing, the Chairman of Newland AIDC, is pleased with the excellent accomplishment achieved by Newland AIDC in 2021, which is a wonderful reward for Newland’s persistence in technological innovation for more than two decades.

Ms. Wang said that China is appealing to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, proposing the insistence on high-quality development, support for specialization, and vigorous growth of digitalization, Digitalization contains two main aspects covering industrial digitalization and digital industrialization, both of which has become the mainstream. She emphasized that the most essential value for a person in life is to be trusted and entrusted, so is a company. She highlighted the importance of Newland AIDC to be “A Trustworthy Person”, bearing the responsibilities assigned by the country and the group and achieving the leading technology position worldwide.


Hu Gang, the Chairman of Newland Group made a speech with the theme of "Deep Cultivate, Consolidated Progress"


Hu Gang, the Chairman of Newland Group, delivered a speech with the theme of "Deep Cultivate, Consolidated Progress." Facing unprecedented uncertainty in 2022, he encouraged everyone to find certainty among uncertainty. Newland AIDC ushered in a new milestone in the history of enterprise development and entered a new stage of development. Mr. Hu mentioned several high-standard requirements that the company should constantly broaden the global vision, strengthen the core competitiveness, insist on innovation, and take the lead in the fierce competition.

Mr. Hu believed that everyone has the potential to become a hero, and he appealed to all members of Newland AIDC to contribute himself to become heroes when needed. It is believed that after this round of crisis, Newland AIDC will become a great enterprise of this era with many heroes appearing in the company.


A Chinese New Year Party was held afterward, where all employees in Newland AIDC celebrated the "Preliminary Eve" together.


Guo Dong, CEO of Newland AIDC, He Deng, Deputy General Manager of Newland AIDC & General Manager of Domestic Marketing Division of Newland AIDC, Wang Min, Deputy General Manager of Newland AIDC & General Manager of International Business Unit of Newland AIDC, and Peter Sliedrecht, CEO Newland EMEA (Find images from right to left), would like to show gratitude to our global customers and partners for their support and trust.


Newland AIDC will be committed to providing better products and service, and we are confident that we will be able to meet any challenges together!


“The God of Fortune” interact with all attendances



Happy New Year!! Wish all good health, all the best, and good luck in the Year of Tiger!