One Team, One Dream

13th Jul 2021
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To celebrate the outstanding performance and solidary team spirit achieved in the first half of the year, the IBU team of Newland AIDC just had a wonderful and indelible journey in Guizhou Province, China last week by integrating their First Half review meeting along with the exhilarating team building activities.



Over the past several days, from mountains to waterfall, from giant trees to trickling streams, from international metropolis to minority heritage village…every Newlander steeped in, has refreshed the insight of him/herself, of the team, even of Newland AIDC, by the educative fun, encouraging collaboration and initiative communication.



With such a lovable and unitive team, we believe that the next milestone of IBU expansion and a more glorious Newland AIDC are just around the corner.



One Team! One Dream!