Newland AIDC’s Advanced 2D Handheld Barcode Scanners Series: HR3280 & HR3280-BT

17th Jun 2022
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The HR3280 and HR3280-BT Provide Various Features Guaranteed to Help Modern Workforces Succeed


NLS-HR3280 series is another fascinating 2D handheld collection of Newland AIDC, which is an addition to the growing, full-fledged list of innovative barcode scanners. This collection features two fighters, the HR3280 and the HR3280-BT, which are designed for complex working environments.

Both scanners are packed with features representing the best of Newland AIDC’s state-of-the-art solutions.




HR3280 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner  

Crafted for the modern workplace, the HR3280 is a powerful tool for companies to increase their operational productivity and enjoy the benefits of modern barcode scanning technology. Its advanced specifications make it a great fit for rigorous environments, such as in the warehouse & logistics, and manufacturing industries.  

Its gratifying features:


  • Enhanced Data Capturing Capabilities: Armed with Newland’s sixth-generation UIMG technology, users will be able to harness the power of modern data capturing capabilities, from customizable data captured to providing supporting software to address diverse applications needs.

  • Durable Construction: The HR3280 isn’t just any other scanner: Its IP42-sealed and drop-resistant (1.5m) housing makes it a must-have tool for any rigorous working environment.

  • Industry-leading Performance: Great for a diverse range of barcodes, the HR3280’s performance and advanced illumination system allow it to scan challenging barcodes even being set at low brightness.


  Recommended verticals  

Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Mobile Payment, Public Sector


HR3280-BT 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner (Bluetooth 5.0)

The HR3280’s powerful capabilities are just as strong in the wireless version, HR3280-BT, yet workforces will discover that this device, with its advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, gears up your operation to the top with no more fetters.  

Being cordless doesn’t diminish the unique advantages of HR3280-BT, either:


  • Powerful Megapixel Camera: The HR3280-BT eliminates frustration and streamlines workflow, as it can easily handle both 1D and 2D barcodes — even are incredibly small or high density.

  • Stable Connection: Unlock unlimited freedom with the HR3280-BT’s anti-interference Bluetooth technology.

  • Long-lasting Battery: A 2200mAh battery keeps the HR3280-BT powered for up to 12 hours of continuous operation, keeping workers focused on their tasks without worrying about the interruption due to a battery change.

  • An Adjustable Cradle: For ultimate operational customizability, the HR3280-BT comes with an adjustable cradle that can support vertical and horizontal positions to adapt to a variety of application requirements.


  Recommended verticals  

Retail, Mobile Payment, Public Sector, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing