Newland AIDC Highlights the Wireless 2D Handheld Collection

7th Jun 2022
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The Innovative Newland AIDC Bluetooth barcode scanners, HR20-BT, HR32-BT, and HR52-BTunfettered your operations around the clock with fast wireless connection and Real-time Data Transmission


Newland AIDC, is proud to introduce the 2D wireless handheld scanner collection carrying the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, with fast data transmission, expanded communication distance, low power consumption, etc. Featuring ergonomic designs and unstoppable performance, any of this collection empowers your data capturing capability and helps the operator stay on top of the efficiency.

The company’s cost-effective Bluetooth catalog features three products:


NLS-HR20-BT:  Even is considered an entry-level Bluetooth  2D handheld scanner, HR20-BT features an IP42-sealed and drop resistant (up to 1.5m) housing to full fill most of the application scenarios in the daily operation. Its long-lasting battery keeps it powered for up to 12 continuous hours of operation (one scan every 6 seconds) making it perfect for full workdays.


  Recommended verticals  

Retail, Mobile PaymentPublic Sector


NLS-HR32-BT:  With two LED light colors (red and white) and an advanced megapixel camera, the HR32-BT is built for a diverse range of workplaces and applications even with a heavy workload and challenging barcode. Reduced consumption levels ensure it avoids connectivity issues and maintains maximum efficiency.  


  Recommended verticals  

 Retail, Warehouse, Mobile Payment, Transportation, Manufacturing, Public Sector


NLS-HR52-BT:  Housed with an IP54-sealed and drop resistant (up to 1.8m) casing, the HR52-BT purpose-built offers all the durability required by modern workforces. Employed with a highly visible laser aimer, HR52-BT help to achieve crisp and accurate targeting with the overwhelming advantage, and its high-powered CPU provides the incredible capability of capturing any barcode presented, whether it is displayed on paper or a digital screen, of poor quality or damaged. And, with an innovative data editing function, the enterprises are free to enjoy unrestricted flexibility by creating their own decoding preset.


  Recommended verticals  

Retail, Warehouse,  Mobile Payment, Transportation, Manufacturing, Public Sector



The Bluetooth handheld barcode scanner collection is only one glimpse of Newland AIDC will keep moving forward to expanding the portfolio of diversified AIDC technologies, with a profound understanding of the industries, and expertise of technology, to firm the commitment:


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