Grand Success of Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022

20th Sep 2022
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From September 13th to 16th, 2022, the Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022 was grandly held at Tokyo Big Sight. Over 60,000 visitors visited during this four-day event, and Newland AIDC's latest products and solutions exhibited at the show attracted numerous professionals in the logistics and delivery area.


2022年 9月 13日から16日の期間 東京ビックサイトで国際物流総合展(Logis-Tech Tokyo2022)が盛大に開催されました。4日間の期間中6万人を超える入場者が来場し多くの物流・配送関係者がNewland AIDCのブースでNewland AIDCの最新の製品とソリューションを体験しました。



At this exhibition, our valuable distributor, Busicom Co., Ltd., and our partner, Tohoku Systems Support Co., Ltd., cooperated and exhibited their products and solutions simultaneously. Our comprehensive product portfolio has drawn considerable visitors in logistics and delivery to conduct thorough communication with us, and we received plentiful inquiries during the four days. In particular, the latest wearable products of BS50 and WD1, unprecedentedly small and compact, highlighted the booth with outstanding cost-efficiency and premium performance.




During the exhibitor seminars, Mr. Obayashi Hiroaki, the Japanese country manager of Newland AIDC, gave a presentation on Newland AIDC's logistics and delivery solutions. In addition to providing an in-depth introduction of Newland AIDC to the Japanese market, we look more into delivering the foremost solutions and technologies to the industry.


また、期間中セミナーを開催しNewland AIDCの会社案内を含め物流・配送ソリューションを紹介するプレゼンテーションを行いNewland AIDCを日本市場でアピールすることができました。



The exhibition's success and the visitors' enthusiasm reveal to us the potential to explore next-generation logistics and delivery operations. Moreover, they firm our determination to expand the Japanese market and create more value to benefit and enable our local partners and customers.


展示会の盛況ぶりとお客様の熱意は、日本の次世代物流・配送オペレーションの展開の可能性を感じると同時に、Newland AIDCにとって大きなビジネスチャンスが期待できる重要なマーケットであることをあらためて確認できました。