Accelerate the Manufacturing Automation with Newland AIDC at VIMF 2022

17th Oct 2022
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From part & component tracking, manufacturing execution systems, and product inspection to warehouse management, Newland AIDC exerts advanced data-capturing technology throughout your manufacturing and production process. The comprehensive product portfolio boosts productivity with its superior data-capturing capability for 1D/2D barcodes with high density, even DPM, on challenging surfaces.

With our global sales & services network, we are committed to offering real-time and accurate data to help our enterprise customers win.



Newland AIDC scanning solutions are equipped with a comprehensive range of forms and functionalities – barcode scanners, mobile terminals, interactive kiosks, and OEM scan engines to ease collaboration and boost efficiency. The bundled software kits, including the exclusive MDM (Mobile Device Management) software Ndevor, maximize enterprises’ operation capability with real-time accurate data transmission and visualization.


  1/ Barcode Scanners  



Pioneering in the auto-identification industry, Newland AIDC delivers various stable and reliable handheld scanning solutions, from 1D to 2D, from corded to cordless, which can swiftly and effortlessly decode even poor quality and challenging barcodes to meet the demands of diversified applications.


  2/ Industrial Scanners  

With high protection structure, Newland AIDC’s industrial-grade handheld barcode scanners show a remarkable performance on surfaces of various materials for challenging barcodes: stained, high-density barcodes, and even for barcodes on the shining surface, with low-contrast, laser-etched, dot-peen, and inkjet, which perfectly matches the rigid demand of agility and precision for electronic manufacturing services.

Accommodated with the complex manufacturing environment, it is the ideal scanning solution to boost operational efficiency while maximizing the ROI.


  3/ Mobile Terminal & Interactive Kiosk  

Specialized in barcode scanning technologies and software development capabilities, Newland AIDC carries various professional mobile terminals with the exclusively MDM software, Ndevor, to maximize enterprises’ operation capability for real-time data transmissions and visualizations. Equipped with Android OS that allows for easy development of custom applications.


  4/ OEM Scan Engine  

Newland AIDC develops the most diversified & cost-efficient OEM portfolios, from 1D linear to the 2D imager, from all-in-one to split up for diverse vertical applications.

By Partnering with Newland AIDC, you can leverage our industry-leading technologies, shorten the development cycle, and optimize your spending on development.


Newland AIDC will be present at the VIMF 2022 exhibition: B12 at VIMF Bac Ninh 2022

Taking place at Kinh Bac Cultural Center on November 9-11, 2022


  About VIMF 2022  

VIMF 2022 – The 14th International Specialized Exhibition on Machinery, Equipment, Materials Tools, Applied Engineering Technology for the Manufacturing Industry, Mechanical Engineering and Supporting Industries for the 16th time in Vietnam. VIMF 2022 will bring practical insights into the latest strategies, tools, and trends in the fields of machine tools and metalworking, measuring and measuring tools, 3D design printing, metalworking sheet types, manufacturing software, tools and tooling systems, contract manufacturing, welding and coating to enhance and maximize productivity and operational efficiency in manufacturing and supporting industries.