Newland AIDC's Latest Desktop Scanner FR42 Series

27th Sep 2022
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Newland AIDC is pleased to introduce its brand-new Desktop Scanner FR42 Series, which includes two models: the corded FR42 Desktop Scanner and the cordless FR42-BT Desktop Scanner.




  FR42-BT         FR42  


Both models in the FR42 Series feature a minimalist, sleek design and small profile measuring in at just 82mm in height, 77mm in width, and 146mm in depth. Its minimalist design helps you reduce complicated lines and redundant elements for a more modern look. The FR42 series also features an ergonomic workflow for daily usage with just the right 15° angle.



 FR42, The Corded Desktop Scanner 

The tethered FR42 Desktop Scanner showcases perfection in design regarding both aesthetics and performance. With a weight of just 246 grams, this Desktop Scanner brings functional convenience. Here are just a couple of features that set the FR42 apart from other Desktop Scanners:

Durability and Toughness

The FR42 desktop scanner can survive falls from a 1.5-meter height to the concrete. Additionally, the scanner is guarded against the intrusion of dirt, liquid, and other pollutants by a seal of IP52 rating.


Scanning Capabilities

This scanner, outfitted with Newland's most cutting-edge technology, can read both 1D and high-volume 2D barcodes on display with a protective coating. Additionally, the scanner's infrared or IR sensor enables lightning-fast scanning of barcodes, significantly enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in fast-paced points of sales.


 FR42-BT, The Cordless Desktop Scanner 

The FR42-BT Desktop Scanner offers the same quality and dimensions as the FR42 but a slightly less in weight at just 209 grams. Fascinatedly, the latest Bluetooth connectivity makes your complete barcode scanning unconstraint to maximize staff’s operation.


Never Worry About Cables Again

The FR42-BT Desktop Scanner utilizes a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle, which features enhanced interference protection and more reliable data transmission. With Bluetooth connectivity, you no longer need to worry about the best way to route cables, cable lengths, or any other cable considerations. Simply connect via Bluetooth and start scanning!




Newland AIDC’s FR42-BT is an absolute powerhouse regarding barcode scanning technology. The megapixel sensor enables users to quickly and easily scan 1D and 2D barcodes presented on screens or printed. Users can wirelessly connect to a wide range of devices, including cash registers, Pads, and PoS machines making the FR42-BT Desktop Scanner the perfect choice for any retail establishment.


Long-lasting Appearance and Construction

The FR42-BT Desktop Scanner is well suited for use in fast-paced, busy environments that can cause spills and drops. It features an IP52-sealed casing that is drop resistant up to 1.5 meters and contains no moving components. The innovative cordless desktop options produced by Newland have an ingenious structural design that enables them to be either stationary on a desktop or being held to scanning the barcodes. Additionally, its ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip on both sides along with its light weight makes it easy to use continuously.


No Power Outages or Abrupt Shutoffs

With a 2,000 mAh battery, you never need to worry about power outages or abrupt shutoffs. You can conveniently replace the battery through its unique storage position on the back of the device. The LED light flashes red whenever your battery is low, so you know to set it before you lose power.



 Concise but Concentrate 

The FR42 Series Desktop Scanners feature the perfect specifications for any retail requirements. Its low profile and minimalist design keep your storefront decent luxury while giving you the mobility to make scanning anywhere you go. Get the dependability you need with Newland AIDC’s FR42 Series Desktop Scanners!


Scanning Made Simple!