Newland AIDC's Advanced Barcode Decoding Technology for Self-Checkout Systems

11th May 2023
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Self-checkout system is rapidly gaining popularity in the global retail industry due to its numerous benefits, including improved accuracy, reduced labor costs, and better in-store optimization. As a result, many companies are developing products to cater to this growing market. The increasing focus on digital transformation in retail stores is also encouraging retailers to implement technologies that accept contactless and mobile payments.



The adoption of electronic payment solutions is driving a 15% growth rate in the cashless self-checkout system market in the US through 2030. This trend is supported by the increasing penetration of smartphones, which allows for convenient and cost-effective cashless transactions on mobile devices.



In 2021, the Asia Pacific self-checkout system market held nearly 25% of the global revenue share. The integration of digital technologies by various end-use industries to offer better services to their customers was the main reason for this surge. Additionally, rising government initiatives aimed at boosting digitalization in the financial sector will further support business development in the region.



The accuracy and speed of barcode scanning are essential to the success of the self-checkout system. Embedded barcode scanners are crucial components of self-checkout systems as they are capable to capture the information contained in the commodity barcodes, such as the product's name, price, and SKU. Furthermore, a rapid transition toward secure, resilient, and efficient payment solutions by barcode scanners is fostering the growth of the self-checkout system industry. These scanners are designed to work seamlessly with self-checkout systems and provide accurate and efficient barcode reading and settlement.



End-use industries are increasingly incorporating product design improvements, such as larger window sizes, better scanning performance, and optimized interfaces. These enhancements maximize availability and support, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI) for ownership and application.


Newland AIDC is a leading provider of barcode decoding products, with over 20 years of experience in data capturing and enterprise mobility. With its advanced barcode decoding technology, it offers comprehensive solutions for self-checkout, from 1D to 2D, printed to on-screen barcodes. Its easy-to-integrate solutions significantly reduce installation cycles, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to the marketplace and seize opportunities.


Newland AIDC's fixed mount barcode scanners FM60 and FM80 have been specifically designed to work seamlessly with self-checkout systems. These products provide excellent commodity reading and settlement scanning capabilities, making them an ideal choice for equipment manufacturers looking for quick integration.


  Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner FM80  


The FM80 fixed mount barcode scanner is an excellent choice for retailers. It can accommodate goods of different sizes and scan barcodes on various surfaces commonly found in the retail market. With advanced sense mode, high motion tolerance, large scan window, and multiple status indicators, the FM80 fixed mount barcode scanner greatly enhances efficiency and improves the customer experience. Its superior scanning performance and clear feedback further contribute to its effectiveness. The scanner features an RS-232 and USB interface and has dimensions of 149×78.5×166.5mm.


  Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner FM60  



The FM60 fixed mount barcode scanner is also ideal for businesses seeking a quick-to-market solution. With excellent commodity reading and settlement scanning capabilities, high motion tolerance, multiple status indicators, superior scanning performance, and a wide-viewing angle, it helps retailers streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. The scanner features an RS-232 and USB interface and has dimensions of 114×46×94mm.


In addition to the FM60 and FM80, Newland AIDC also provides barcode scanners with different window sizes that can be adapted to the design of self-service settlement counters in different forms. Newland AIDC is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of retailers worldwide. With its extensive experience and commitment to excellence, it is well-positioned to continue leading the way in the self-checkout industry.



By partnering with Newland AIDC, you can leverage our industry-leading technologies, shorten your development cycle, and optimize your development costs. Our proven track record of success combined with your incumbent market position equals maximum ROI.



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