Revolutionize Warehousing and Logistics with Newland AIDC at India Warehousing Show 2023

8th Jun 2023
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Delhi, 14-16 June 2023 - The India Warehousing Show 2023 is just around the corner, and Newland AIDC is gearing up to captivate visitors with our state-of-the-art barcode scanning solutions that will revolutionize the way goods are tracked, managed, and transported! The event, scheduled to take place at Pragati Maidan, Delhi from 14 June to 16 June, is a must-attend for professionals in the fields of transportation, logistics, warehousing, and e-commerce.



At Newland AIDC, we understand the importance of efficiency and accuracy in today's fast-paced supply chain industry. Whether you are involved in e-commerce, warehousing, or distribution, our cutting-edge scanning solutions cater to your specific needs. We invite you to experience the power of real-time tracking, streamlined inventory management, and seamless order fulfillment, all under one roof.


Our Booth E22, Hall 12 will serve as the ultimate hub where innovation meets efficiency. Step into a world where traditional manual processes are replaced by advanced barcode scanning technology. Discover how our solutions enable you to track and trace goods with unparalleled speed and accuracy, allowing you to optimize your operations and meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers.


Newland AIDC offers a comprehensive range of product lines, which include barcode scanners, mobile terminals, interactive kiosks, fixed-mount devices and label printers. This diverse selection ensures that you can find the perfect solution to suit your unique requirements. Designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, our wearables offer unparalleled convenience and functionality. From smartwatches and  wristbands  to ring scanners and wearable terminals, our products are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for seamless data capture and real-time communication.



Don't miss the opportunity to witness the future of goods tracking and management firsthand. Visit our booth at the India Warehousing Show 2023 and let our experts guide you through our innovative solutions, empowering you to achieve greater operational efficiency, improved inventory accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Join us at Booth E22, Hall 12 from 14 June to 16 June and discover how Newland AIDC is transforming the supply chain industry with our groundbreaking barcode scanning technology. To learn more about our solutions, visit our website at or contact us at 86 591 8397 9500 to schedule a meeting with our team during the event.


  About Newland AIDC  

Newland AIDC is a leading global provider of barcode scanning solutions, dedicated to empowering businesses across industries with innovative technology. With a comprehensive range of products and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Newland AIDC is revolutionizing the way goods are tracked, managed, and transported worldwide. For more information, please visit