Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
Hotel & Restaurant

To have optimal guest experiences requires efficiency. Newland AIDC’s hospitality solutions will help you increase productivity and elevate the guest experiences to the next level.

Whether you need to:

·        Check in a guest

·        Serve a busy hotel or restaurant

·        Inventory

·        Take orders

·        Assure the food safety

·        Validate loyalty card or redeem points

·        Settle the mobile payment

·        Offer personalized services

·        Enhance the brand awareness

You may find the most well-designed, intuitive & cost-efficient products and solutions from Newland AIDC.

From handheld to handsfree, from desktop to mobility, you will be able to equip your team and staff with user-friendly devices and empowers them to retain valuable customers and solicit new ones.

Why Newland AIDC

1.   Cost-effective product offerings

2.   Ergonomic and intuitive

3.   Contemporary design

4.   Customized logo, color, to compliment your brand.

5.   Easy implementation & maintenance