Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions

Efficient inventory management is essential for the success of every retailer, it relies on a system or a solution that can provide real-time and accurate data.

Up-to-date inventory management enables the retailers:

·        To see what merchandises are running low

·        To check the inventory levels for best-selling items and place order before running out of stock

·        To prevent overspending on slow-moving items

·        To improve the productivity of warehouse staff and reduce the operation cost

·        To generate an accurate financial report in real-time—Cost of inventory

·        To help building a multichannel business based on a unified inventory management system

·        To gain customer satisfaction

Newland AIDC’s mobile terminals are purpose-built for warehouse management and inventory management. It accurately captures, processes and transfers the real-time data into your system.

Equipped with Newland AIDC’s exclusive UIMG technology and latest network connection, users are able to capture 1D and 2D barcodes from near or far, decode the most challenging barcodes on shelves or pallets, stay informed and be responsive to any changes.

Leveraging enterprise mobility solutions from Newland AIDC, retailers will be having greater insights and intelligence, modernize the operation of warehouses and keep it up in a very competitive environment.

Why Newland AIDC

1.   Cost-effective product offerings

2.   Purpose-built for warehouse, inventory & logistics

3.   Seamless network connection

4.   Superior 1D & 2D barcode scanning performance

5.   Easy implementation & maintenance