Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
Door-to-door service

Door-to-door services historically grappled with the inefficiencies of manual tracking, resulting in errors and irregular delivery timings. The nuanced challenges of last-mile delivery further exacerbated these issues. Yet, with Newland AIDC's innovative barcode scanning technology, a transformation began. Their robust portfolio, encompassing mobile terminals and wearable scanners, brought unparalleled accuracy and speed to the process, providing instantaneous updates and meticulous package tracking.


The durability of Newland AIDC’s barcode scanners are exceptional. Specifically designed to endure environmental challenges, these devices boast high IP ratings, making them resistant to both water and dust. This ensures high efficiency even during rain or in harsh working environments. Their robust build guarantees resistance to accidental drops. Beyond their physical resilience, they offer stable connectivity options, whether through the 5G network or the latest Bluetooth technology, guaranteeing consistent data transmission even in the most remote areas. With Newland AIDC's contributions, they've achieved an elevated level of customer satisfaction, ensuring clients are kept informed and satisfied every step of the way.


Why Newland AIDC

• Comprehensive product range serves every aspect of the industry.

• Customized scanning solutions tackle industry-specific challenges.

• Unified product, accessories, and software ecosystem enhances operational adaptability.

• Incorporation of a variety of barcode technologies boosts operational flexibility.

• Rigorous rugged testing guarantees performance under challenging conditions.

• In-depth technical support and continuous product assistance ensure smooth operations.