Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
Shipping & Tracking (fleet management)

Navigating the realm of logistics necessitates a deep-rooted reliance on tracking and swift delivery. In this context, Newland AIDC’s barcode scanning products, renowned for their high mobility, emerge as a central force underpinning this vast ecosystem. However, the volatile nature of transportation and fleet management demands more than just mobility; durability and resilience become non-negotiables.


In fleet management, the advantages of using Newland AIDC's barcode scanning solutions are both vast and varied. From assigning roles to drivers to real-time tracking of vehicles, these tools offer a panoramic view of fleet dynamics. Given their unrivaled sturdiness and efficiency, these scanners ascertain that the spheres of transportation and shipping remain at the zenith of operational efficiency, even in the face of daunting environmental challenges.


Why Newland AIDC

• Comprehensive product range serves every aspect of the industry.

• Customized scanning solutions tackle industry-specific challenges.

• Unified product, accessories, and software ecosystem enhances operational adaptability.

• Incorporation of a variety of barcode technologies boosts operational flexibility.

• Rigorous rugged testing guarantees performance under challenging conditions.

• In-depth technical support and continuous product assistance ensure smooth operations.