Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
Postal & Express Delivery

The Postal and Express Delivery sector, a fundamental pillar of global commerce, grapples daily with the immense responsibility of handling an endless flow of parcels. This ever-evolving landscape needed a robust and agile solution, and Newland AIDC's advanced barcode scanning technologies provided just that. Through the integration of their diverse range of scanning tools—from wearable devices like ring scanners and enterprise smart watch to the mobile terminal born for enterprises—this sector has witnessed a seismic shift in its operations.


At the core of this transformation is the ability to optimize both the sorting and dispatching processes. Real-time tracking becomes a standard feature, ensuring that every parcel, regardless of its destination, is accounted for and promptly confirmed upon delivery. But Newland AIDC's contributions don't stop at just tracking; its technology plays a pivotal role in amplifying operational speed and precision. Manual interventions, once a time-consuming necessity, have been dramatically reduced, ushering in a new era of efficiency.


Why Newland AIDC

• Comprehensive product range serves every aspect of the industry.

• Customized scanning solutions tackle industry-specific challenges.

• Unified product, accessories, and software ecosystem enhances operational adaptability.

• Incorporation of a variety of barcode technologies boosts operational flexibility.

• Rigorous rugged testing guarantees performance under challenging conditions.

• In-depth technical support and continuous product assistance ensure smooth operations.