How to capture the image by command
Announcer: Stephen Time: 30th Jul 2021
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At first please send the trigger command "0x1b, 0x30" to the module to activate the scanning capture.

The last captured picture of module will be saved in it until scanning stopped.

Following commands (in HEX) would get the saved image back:

7E 00 00 03 35 00 00 C9  original pixels picture

7E 00 00 03 35 01 00 C8  1/4 original picture

7E 00 00 03 35 02 00 CB  1/8 original picture

The response are pixels of picture, one byte is one pixel and the value could be 0-255.

The total pixels from original picture is 752x480

When you get the image, to save all data to .raw image file and you can open to see it from Adobe Photoshop or any other program can view raw image.


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