Customization Service
Customization Service

Since 1999, Newland AIDC has been devoting to automatic identification and data capture industry (AIDC) and won the leading market share in China with pioneering strengths in technology and sales network.

Newland AIDC is experiencing significant changes and rapid development in the global market. With the development of technologies, it requires deep customer insight, skill and dedication to win. We value our partners’ consistent efforts and development. That’s why a constructive and deliberate partner program is crucial to strengthen a collaborative long-term partnership.

Newland AIDC has a diverse portfolio in AIDC. It is proven in the domestic market that our products and services are widely and easily accepted by the end customers.  We believe, with the constant cultivation and investment, Newland AIDC will extend the width and depth in the global market to empower our partners to succeed in the business by ensuring customers’ needs are met and expectations are exceeded. Partner benefits will be provided to help you compete with confidence. And above all, win in a simple way.

With Discovery program, we will be helping you:

- Grow your business and increase your profitability.

- Create value for your customers with a diversified portfolio.

- Reach out for a new pool of customers.

- Run business with us in a simple way.

*Discovery Program is only applicable to partners from Asia Pacific, North America & Latin America.

Newland AIDC is ready to lay the groundwork for our channel partners and help partners succeed in the market through successful collaboration and cooperation.
  • To Connect
    We will work together with our partner as a team and create value for our mutual customers.
    To ConnectTo Connect
  • To Enable
    We reinvest into our channel partners to improve capability and productivity.
    To EnableTo Enable
  • To Communicate
    We deliver customer-oriented services and support with direct and quick communication.
    To CommunicateTo Communicate
  • To Benefit
    We build flexibility and profitability to facilitate mutual business growth.
    To BenefitTo Benefit

Each type of partner plays an important role in bringing products and services to customers. All partners in different tiers represent different success and investment in the relationship. In this partner ecosystem, you can match your company and your target customers in alignment with a different marketplace. 

Newland AIDC provides opportunities for all partners to grow within a Track. If your company stays in Business Partner, it can move up to the Premier Business Partner when the equitable criteria are met and the same goes to the Solution Partner. 

  • Value-Added Distributor (VAD)
    Value-Added Distributors (VADs) are critical to exclusively bring our products to Tier 2 partners and resellers and provide Value-Added support like training, order fulfillment and financing. VADs are empowered to distribute Newland AIDC products to any resellers.
  • Business Partner Track
    Members in the Business Partner Track mainly focus on hardware-based sales revenue. Premier Business Partners (PBPs) and Business Partners (BPs) must achieve a minimum annual revenue to maintain in the same level of membership.
  • Solution Partner Track
    Members in the Solution Partner Track have a healthy mix of hardware, software and services revenue. Premier Solution Partners (PSPs) and Solution Partners (SPs) must achieve a minimum annual revenue or provide equivalent success to maintain in the same level of membership.
  • Authorized Reseller (AR)
    Authorized Resellers are resellers who don’t fit in any criteria for one of the other reseller or partner types.
  • Independent Software Vendor/ Software Integrator (ISV/SI)
    ISV/SI typically provides software in conjunction with a hardware provider.