Make a Beeping Sound
Announcer: Danica Time: 31st Jul 2021
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Make a Beeping Sound


You may wish to force the engine to beep upon a command sent from the host. A beeping sound is made to gain a user’s attention to an error or other important event.
BEEPONxxxFyyyTnnV (xxx: The desired frequency, 1-20,000Hz; yyy: The desired duration, 1-10,000ms; nn: The desired volume level, 1-20 (lowest-loudest))

Example: Make a 1000ms beep at 2,000Hz with volume level set to 20
Enter: ~<SOH>0000#BEEPON2000F1000T20V;<ETX>
Response: <STX><SOH>0000#BEEPON2000F1000T20V<ACK>;<ETX>

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