G2E 2019 was grandly held in Las Vegas! Go Digital with Newland!
21st Oct 2019
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Last week, the Global Gaming Expo 2019 was grandly held in Las Vegas. During the show, we met numerous of professionals from all over the world in gaming industry: casino owners, gaming machine makers, cabinets/kiosk manufactures etc.

After days of communication and in-depth discussion with clients and friends about transforming the gaming industry and lifting customer experience to the next level by integration of barcode scanning, we feel honored that there are so many positive feedbacks of our product and solutions.

During this exciting exhibition, our fixed mount scanners were absolutely the highlight: FM430, the small and quick-respond scan engine with superior scanning performance, became one of the most popular products in the booth that it can easily decode barcodes on both screens and paper. It is absolutely a great choice for integration of gaming machines.

FM30, another fixed mount scanner of Newland, also drew attention from many clients. EM20, with superior motion tolerance, can also greatly improve the efficiency of gambling. EM50s, the smallest megapixel hardware decoding engines are adaptable for various of integrated conditions.

In addition to our fixed mount scanners and scan engines, Newland also proudly introduced few of our desktop scanners (FR27, FR40, etc.), handheld scanners (HR32, HR52-BT, etc.), multi-functional kiosks (NQuire300, NQuire1000, etc.), Bluetooth scanner BS80 and the latest industrial grade mobile terminal NFT10.

Go Digital with Newland! You are only one step away from highly efficient and paperless operation. We are looking forward to seeing you at our coming events!

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