MT90 Series by Newland AIDC: Taking Productivity to The Next Level

27th Jun 2022
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An ergonomic enterprise mobile terminal with an extensive accessory ecosystem and hardened market validation.





The must-have management and operational device with real-time, accurate data capturing, Newland AIDC’s MT90 streamlines collaboration and communication for total efficiency. Allowing businesses to reduce equipment total cost of ownership (TCO), MT90 is a critical investment in any enterprise mobility strategy.

Owing to the brand ethos, Scanning Made Simple, MT90 has been the best-selling mobile terminal of Newland AIDC for consecutive years and gained the marvellous trust and recognition of well-known businesses across the globe.

Nothing short of exceptional, MT90 combines performance and aesthetics to exceed all expectations of the retail & hospitality, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, healthcare, and public sectors, among many others.



  About MT90  

Thanks to the Android-based system, MT90 allows enterprises to develop their own applications to suit every operational need, including customized WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), HIS (Healthcare Information System), and other information systems.

Combining superior scanning performance and high scalability, the MT90’s powerful megapixel engine is well-suited to fast-paced intensive environments where speed, flexibility, and cost-efficiency are of the essence.

Making accurate, real-time data easily accessible at the push of a button, MT90 shortens the distance between warehouse and customer to maximize productivity and efficiency. With instantaneous data transmission and highly customized capability, the device allows you and your team to stay up to date and on the same page for smooth day-to-day operations.

With a rugged housing of robust IP65 construction and 1.5m drop resistance, MT90 is designed to perform in the most chaotic indoor or outdoor environment– even in the rain, shine, and snow. With a high-capacity battery of 4500mAh, MT90 is competent for an uninterrupted full day’s work


  Compatible Accessories  

The extensive accessory ecosystem tailored for MT90 makes this complex even unstoppable to suit particular needs, regardless of the industry or scenario.


PG90: easing your large-scale scanning procedures

PG90, the detachable pistol grip of MT90 with an enhanced responsive gun trigger, invests the scanning process with speed and comfort. The lightweight and ergonomic design equip the TM90 with additional reinforcement and offers the enterprise total ease of full-day barcode scanning.


UR90: streamlining your data collection

Assigned with the UR90, the MT90 RFID powerhouse is even with exponential capture. The MT90 RFID accelerates the process for your total convenience by combining a high-performance UHF RFID reader: over 150 tags per second with a fantastically long lead range of up to 6m, the real deal-breaker!


EX90: long-distance data capturing

By pairing with the EX90, the extended range coordinate, the barcodes of perched items on your top shelves will no longer be of any challenges to capture. Not just looking into the efficiency, but more safety of your staff without frequent climbing or lifting.  


Charging Cradles: farewell to battery run-down

With unintermittent and streamlined workflow in mind, the MT90 charging cradles are capable of bundling up to three apart from the space-saving corner requested. Alternatively, an upgrade to the 4-slot battery charging cradle is accessible for the application with constantly adequate power demand.


  Ndevor: Newland Exclusive MDM Software  

Ndevor, by Newland and for Newland, was built to be the easiest way to manage all Newland mobile devices, including MT90, you have in the field. Its multifarious features will bring you a refreshing experience managing individuals or in batches allowing you to venture further than ever.


  The verdict  



  Final thoughts  

From your warehouse to the customers’ doorstep; distribution to delivery; logistics to retail, Newland AIDC’s enterprise mobile terminal –MT90 – streamlines your business by not only maximizing the productivity in even the most challenging circumstances but increasing your revenue exponentially with its highly customized Android OS and comprehensive accessory ecosystem.


Newland AIDC MT90 Series, an investment for NOW & FUTURE!



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