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Vertical Solutions
Mobile Payment

Challenges :

E-payment has become a inevitable trend, and self-service stores are beginning to take shape. The different shapes and materials of the product barcodes lead to low scanning efficiency. Lengthy queues during rush hours will affect the consumer experience and reduce consumer desires.

Solution :

In order to make scanning simple and shorten the queue, a scanner with superior performance which can easily scan variety kinds of barcodes is necessary in the self-service stores. Newland scanners armed with UIMG technology can swiftly and effortlessly decode even poor quality barcodes (e.g., low contrast, laminated, damaged, torn, warped or wrinkled).

Mobile payment point :

Fixed payment points

1. Improving decode efficiency, shorten the queue, improve shopping experience and increase sales.

2. Fashion appearances match the store decoration style, build up a brand image and expressed the customers.

3. Using Newland scanner to easily collect VIP information, coupons, record consumer habits to fulfill the database. Future push messages can base on that.

Mobile payment point

1. Newland scanners can be customized scan mode to adapt to the different material barcodes like screen barcodes or paper barcodes. to improve decoding efficiency.

2. For a large quantity of shopping, consumers can scan the product barcodes and check the product promotion information to reduce unnecessary returns and exchanges.

3. Setting a Newland terminal in the shopping cart, so that customers can scan product barcodes and pay up while shopping. No longer to wait in the cashier especially in the rush hours. Clients will be more free and enjoy shopping at any time.

4. Customers can also learn more about the details of the product by scanning the product barcodes, such as query of recipes while selecting ingredients, query of match when selecting furniture and so on. The combination of online-offline shopping experience can stimulate the desire and increase sales volume.

5. One Newland scanner can save one cashier for stores which definitely reduces labor costs.

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