Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
Ticket Validation

Whether you want to validate an attendee from attendee list, or you expect thousands of fans at your music event, Newland AIDC provides the most efficient scanning solutions to meet your requirements.

Our various scanning solutions work for ticket validation at:

  • Boarding gate of the public transportation, airport, buses, subways, trains, etc.
  • Entrance of museum, exhibition, tradeshows, etc.
  • Entrance of movie theater
  • Entrance of theme park
  • Entrance of attractions
  • Entrance of stadium, sports venue
  • Entrance of music concert, music festivals


Featuring Newland AIDC’s exclusive uIMG technology, our barcode scanners offer quick and accurate ticket validation for larger audiences, regardless of the material and the type of the ticket, whether the barcode is on regular paper, card or even an e-Ticket on the screen. The enterprise mobile terminals are capable of working both online or offline—batch mode or real-time data transmission by Wi-Fi or 4G.

Or better yet, we have a full range of embedded scanning solutions(EM series & FM series) available for integration of any gate system.


Why Newland AIDC

  • Diversified product offering
  • 1D & 2D barcode, paper label or screen barcode, optional NFC reader

  • Handheld, handsfree, mobile terminal, embedded scanning solutions

  • Superior scanning performance
  • Cost-effective