Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions
Point of sales

A quick Check-out experience is essential to customer satisfaction. Newland AIDC's scanning portfolio works seamlessly with your POS system and modernizes your business with the most diverse & cost-efficient barcode scanning solutions.

Regardless of the type of business, Newland AIDC has the right scanning solution for you.

  • Supermarkets & Grocery stores

Newland’s handheld scanners and the single panel will speed up the checkout for your customers, they deliver outstanding decoding performance, even on the most challenging barcodes, whether it is printed on a label or displayed on the screen, no matter it is damaged or dirty, distorted or with low contrast, Newland scanner will always capture virtually any barcodes in a split second.

  • Convenience stores

The space-saving scanning solutions help convenience stores improving the checkout process, simplifying operations. With the compact design, easy to use and reliable handheld scanners and desktop scanners.

  • Drug store, Liquor & Tobacco

 When you use a barcode scanner in your wine and tobacco stores, it helps you checking for ID, ensures compliance with local rules and regulations, Newland barcode scanners work perfectly with specific barcodes on the wine bottle, cigar, loose-leaf tobacco and popular UPCs.

  • Other small businesses, Coffee, bakeries, etc.

 Newland scanning portfolio will empower your small business to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies that bigger chain stores use. It will give you many ways to customize your workflow for more efficient sales and operation.

Why Newland AIDC

1.   Plug & Play.

Easy installation and maintenance.

2.   Accuracy & Cost-efficiency

3.   Diversified scanning solutions.From 1D to 2D, from handheld to handsfree.