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Vertical Solutions
Put-away & Replenishment

In the complex world of inventory management, put-away and replenishment processes are vital to maintaining optimal inventory levels. Leveraging barcode scanning solutions, such as those offered by Newland AIDC, inventory management becomes a more precise and streamlined task.


Newland AIDC's comprehensive barcode scanning technologies, including mobile terminals and wearable barcode scanners, provide advanced functionalities to enhance efficiency. Extended range capabilities facilitate scanning barcodes from a distance, which is especially valuable in large warehouses. Hands-free designs and the inclusion of keyboards or full touch features further ensure that workers can carry out tasks with speed, accuracy, and convenience.


These innovative barcode scanning solutions are also vital in sophisticated systems like 'pick to light.' Through the integration of Newland AIDC's technology, inventory levels are instantly updated when an item is picked, allowing for real-time put-away and replenishment actions. This precise coordination between scanning and inventory systems prevents overstocking or understocking, leading to more efficient inventory management and reduced holding costs.


By offering a robust suite of barcode scanning products, Newland AIDC has positioned itself as a key enabler in warehouse management. These tools not only streamline the traditional process of inventory control but also align with cutting-edge technology trends, shaping the future of effective and cost-efficient inventory management.


Why Newland AIDC

• Comprehensive product range serves every aspect of the industry.

• Customized scanning solutions tackle industry-specific challenges.

• Unified product, accessories, and software ecosystem enhances operational adaptability.

• Incorporation of a variety of barcode technologies boosts operational flexibility.

• Rigorous rugged testing guarantees performance under challenging conditions.

• In-depth technical support and continuous product assistance ensure smooth operations.