Vertical Solutions
Vertical Solutions

The receiving phase, a pivotal point in the supply chain, necessitates impeccable accuracy. Newland AIDC, a leader in technological solutions, has reshaped this juncture with its advanced barcode scanning technologies. These devices, ranging from mobile to fixed-mount scanners, are adept at validating incoming goods by meticulously cross-referencing them with purchase orders. The result? A rapid, efficient receiving process with diminished discrepancies.


A standout feature in Newland AIDC's repertoire is the mobile terminals' picklist capability. Tailored to handle the challenges of large-volume consignments, it allows for consecutive scanning of numerous barcodes, thereby optimizing the operation and bolstering precision. Such innovation effectively negates manual input errors, guaranteeing that inventory accounts remain harmonized with the extant stock.


Adding to this suite of tools is Newland AIDC's introduction of RFID technology, a significant departure from conventional barcode systems. By enabling touchless scanning, RFID expedites the processing of sizeable batches of items, conferring both pace and efficiency advantages.


Why Newland AIDC

• Comprehensive product range serves every aspect of the industry.

• Customized scanning solutions tackle industry-specific challenges.

• Unified product, accessories, and software ecosystem enhances operational adaptability.

• Incorporation of a variety of barcode technologies boosts operational flexibility.

• Rigorous rugged testing guarantees performance under challenging conditions.

• In-depth technical support and continuous product assistance ensure smooth operations.